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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 16:19:35 -0700 (PDT) From: jeffery stapleton Subject: Weekend with Brother Richard/Adventures at Hamilton U Part 8 Adventures At Hamilton U Part 8 Lolitas Art Pthc By M.J. Blackheart The next morning I was awake at 7 am, groaned at the prospect of four morning classed, then a move from Rob's to the George Washington Dorm. No time for reading, studing or shooting the shit with my new roomie (The thought of Hot Nick Lawson just gave me one hell of a hard cock, but I knew looking at the clock Lolitas Art Pthc I wouldn't have much time to take care of it, bummer I'd save it for Robby my big Bro!), as I would have to work the close shift at Mickie D's. I groaned again at the thought of it. I threw off the blankets and got out of bed, my hard ass dick sticking strait out of my loose blue cotton boxers as I placed my bare feet on the cold as hell hard wood floor. I hurried out of the room hoping no one but Rob might see me and into the bathroom for a morning piss, and a quick shower. Again the thought of Nick lawson and I sharing a room popped in my head and I wondered what he looked like Naked. I caught myself rubbing soap all over my hard 7 iron and squeezing my swinging shaved nuts. I was so close, but I didn't have time. I quickly rinsed and hurried back into my room. I noticed the house was very quite. Then I found a note from Rob on a folded outfit on my dresser: Dear Richie, Just wanting to wish you well on your first day of classes, HOPE WE CAN SPEND SOME QUALITY TIME TOGETHER LATER!!! Will work the schedual at MCDee"s to get you off work tonight so you can have dinner again with me and the Rents. Will be most of the day at the Hospital with Our Baby. Take care and have Fun!! LOVE, Rob: Sweet!! No work. I quickly dressed in the kaki pants, blue silk button down. I ran my comb though my lengthening blond hair and applied some gel. I then grabbed my wallet, keys and Cell off the dresser from beside the note and was on my way. The clock I noticed read 7:35 on my way out. As I hurried throught the kitchen I grabbed a Pop Tart and a Mountain Dew and then I was out. I zipped through town at a legal speed. I didn't need to be pulled over and especially not byOfficer Edgens, as it would have been way too soon to face him after the previous day. It was going to be bad enough that I had Professor Edward Brinkman for my third Period. I got to the University on time, well before my first class, General Business and I sat in my car for a few watching the other students as they strutted, walked, covorted, and shuffled to their first classes of the semester. When I got to class I sat in the back and tried to listen to a prun faced old chick give an intro into why ethics were a fundamental part of a solid business and then she went on to why Enron had gone wrong. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I was startled awake by the bell and noticed as I got out of my seat that she had been looking my way and was shaking her head. "I wouldn't let it happen again Mr. Mathews. After your tardiness yesterday we'll be watching you." She spoke calmly in a gravely voice and then grabbed up her black leather breif case and was out the door closest to her. "FUCK ME HARD!" I exclaimed and heard a few laughs and a snigger from a few other stragglers. "Yes Mr. Mathews I'll be watching you." I heard a male voice laugh behind me and turned quickly. "Damn dude you just can't catch a break." It was Nick Lawson and I began to blush and get another hard-on. "Guess not." I tried to sound calm and blow it off. "So where you been I could have used some help moving some shit in, or am I going to be roomin' all alone?" Nick asked and I noticed for a split second his eyes slide up and down my body. "Sorry, My brother's wife went into labor and I had to take her to the hospital. It was late before I got back to their place, where I was staying until start of Lolitas Art Pthc term and got Lolitas Art Pthc my shit packet up." I shrugged as if it was something that happened all the time. "Damn, Dude, You got a place to stay off campus and your choosing to go to that crummy little dorm room and share with a slob like me?" He laughed. "Well, Mel kinda wants the privacy for her and my brother." The fucking bitch."And they want to turn my room into a nursery for the baby." I shrugged again. "I guess I can understand that. Well anyway you moving in tonight?" He asked as he looked at his watch. "Yeah right after classes end, then I got to go have dinner with the rents since they are around to see the new baby." I smiled, but tried to sound bummed. "Okay Cool. I'll be out this afternoon, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to hang out, study. I think we have a couple classes together other then this one." He smiled a big dimply Devil can eat shit smile and ran his smooth looking hands through his short dark hair. "Later man, Got to get to my next class over in Jefferson Hall." With that he turned and waved and was gone. I grabbed my book bag and headed to my next class, Basic Accounting,Yawn! Again I got the Enron failed for these reasons and Martha Stewart got caught for these reasons. I was so close to snoozing again, but managed to stay awake and take a few notes, not to mention This professor was a young and hot one, couldn't have been much older then us kids. When the Bell rang I saw Professor Lewis give me a smile as he stepped out and I hurried off to my next class though I was dreading next period, Economics. My mind continued to flash back to me being late for orientation, and I remembered what the prun faced professor had said. We'll be watching you, and then me being literally caught with my pants down with Officer Edgens by Brinkman as well. I had sweat running don my sides, covering my palms and I know my hair must have been damp. I had to reak of fear. However when I sat in my hard wooden seat in the very back of the largest lecture hall in Madison Hall waiting for Brinkman to show up a assosiate Professor arrived to say he would be filling in on occation through out the term as Professor Brinkman would be attending important meetings periodically as a member of the administration board. At hearing this I slumped back in my chair with some relief. The confrontation was going to have to wait, but yet that only added to the dread. I sat however and listened and took detailed notes on the state of the US economic state and the effects the war in the middle east was having on it. The rest of the day went smoothly. I had a break between period three and four and had a quick lunch in Monroe Hall( the caffeteria to any layman). I then went to Ethics class and again heard about good old Enron. It was amazing the importance of a failed company from so long ago to these people. On the other hand since I had heard the same stuff all morning I was able to give a detailed oral observation of the situation when Professor Harris asked for comments and Lolitas Art Pthc I got a smile and a knod from him in his gray suit and bald black head. When the bell rang I heard him yell to me. "Good job, Mathews," I turned at that with my pack over my shoulder. "I will be expecting great things from you, though after yesterday some others think your a slacker. Watch your back." "Thank you, Sir. I will." I gave him a smile and hurried out. I was done learning for the day. I zipped back to Rob's at a nice 45 MPH, 10 over the limit, but I was in a good mood and just didn't care. I didn't see a cop in sight. I had a lot of stuff and as I walked in I found most all of it in boxes in the living room. Rob was sitting on his sofa drinking a Pepsi and wearing loose black running shorts and a matching T. I noticed both items were actually mine. "How's it hanging, bro?" I asked as I shut the door and looked around. My eyes glanced over his body. He had been spending a lot of time at the local YMCA and looked great nice and firm and his chest had grown in the pecs since we had moved here. I saw a twitch just under the fabric of the shorts as he spread his leg and gave it a squeeze. "It's not." He laughed and caught himself. he sat strait up. "Mom's taking a nap and Dad just ran down to the store for some beer. Wouldn't you know he don't like the kind I have." "So how's Mel and the little guy?" I figured it would only be right to ask. "Fine she was sleeping too when we left. The nurses took our son back to the nursery. They might get to come home tomarrow and Mom and Dad will be leaving the day after that." He smiled as he spoke in a conversational tone. "So what you been doing since you got Lolitas Art Pthc home?" I asked as I looked at all the boxes. "Moving your shit down here. Fuckin' Pack rat." He laughed. "Found shit from ten years ago in your stuff." He just shook his head. "Anyway I figured I'd help move the basics over now with you in the cars and maybe this weekend I can get a truck and move the big shit, though I don't know if you'll beed your bed, dresser, and desk or not." He looked at me inquisatively. "Naw the dorm has that stuff, least I think it does." I shrugged too. "Well let me change and we can get going. We moved boxes out to the cars with little chatter, most of it was about work and that he had one of the new shifts take over my shift for tonight. We packed the trunks, the back seats and the passanger seats of both cars and then we went to the dorm. When we arrived there were kids every place. I stopped at a small reception desk just inside the first floor lobby/ rec center( there were pool tables and air hocky. A few TV's on the walls with news stations and sports tuned in. and off to the side a large glass wall that showed an indoor weight room and pool beyond. IT WAS COOL!). "Richard Mathews here for a room key pick up." I said to the asian kid behind the desk. He looked at me and then at a list on the cluttered surface. "Pick up for keys was last night, why didn't you get it then?" He asked as he opened a drawer. "He was busy delivering a baby." Rob said from behind me. "Now if you don't mind, unless there is any formalities can we get on with it?" Rob sounded pissed and the kid looked a little scared. "I need to see an ID and then you sign here." He pulled a form out of the same drawer and layed the key beside it. I took out my wallet and showed him my school ID and my drivers license. I signed the form(A paper stating that I had recieved my key and a replacement would be $3 and that I was going to fallow all the rules of the dorm. It listed penalties for specific acts of rule breaking, blah blah blah). I took the key and my copy of the form and Rob and I started getting boxes. My room was on the third floor and it was hell bringing all the shit up three flights of stairs around kids in the halls that ran and walked slow or right in front of you. Rob tried to maintain some cool, but he told one kid to get the fuck out of the way and called him a prick. The thought of a prick got me hard. The room was small just as Nick had said and his shit was piled all over the far side of the room. There was a window with white venitian blinds on Nick's side of the room and the door was on mine. There where two nice sized closets on one wall and an ajoining bathroom on the other, but when I went to check it out I found that it was hooked up to two other rooms and was set up like a locker room shower with out the lockers and no stalls for the single toilet. When I came back out I noticed the door was shut to the hall and Rob was sitting on my bare bed, a twin with a bunky matress and no sheets, the shorts were at his ankles, and his 6.5 inch cock was hard and pointing at me. "We got some time to play alone. I locked the door, but I hope your roomie don't show up with a key while where busy." He grinned and motioned for me to shut and lock the bathroom door. I did with a smile. I was on my knees in front of him in a flash and I smiled up at him with his cock only inches away from my mouth. "I ran in to my roomie, Nick, after first period and he said he'd be out this afternoon. We got time." And with that I took all of Rob's cock down to the root. His pubes had been shaved and I loved it. I also smelt and tasted the sweat that had collected between his thights and coated his balls. I sucked and licked harder and faster. "OHHH YEAH!" He moaned as his hand was on my head setting my rytham as I started to bob on his head and then down his shaft. My tongue still swirling around the nice meaty sausage. I sucked for several mor minutes a good five and I thought he was about to nut in my mouth, but he stopped me and pulled me off his hard slick and pre-jizz oozing cock. He layed back on the bed taking off his shirt and pulling me up to him. We kissed and licked for a few more HOT minutes as out hands explored out bodies, bodies that we now knew so well. I rode my crotch on his bare thigh and then I had to get Lolitas Art Pthc out of my clothes. I climbed off of my now naked brother as he had kicked the shorts off while we had been making out. He only wore his white ankle socks and black nikes. I quickly undressed and was back on my brother, devouring his tongue in a flash. I sucked down his jaw and neck. I licked his ear lobes. I was careful to not give him a hicky, but I wanted too so bad. He then moaned "69." and so we did. I flipped around and straddled his face as I leaned in to take his cock back in my mouth. This Fuckin' Cock that I had lusted after for most of my life, and then had a fuckin' awsome time saducing and then sampling on a regular basis til only a few monthes ago. I cock that I had been deniged and was now again sucking and savoring as if I were an alcoholic having a long desired beer, a chocoholic with a huge piece of chocolate cake. I loved it. I made love to it with my mouth. Rob at the same time was returning everything I was giving him. He deep throated me as I thrust down between his lips and I could feel the tip of my 7 slide easily into his throat. He hadn't lost his nack for cock sucking and he was loveing it as much as I was. he moaned as much for the pleasure I was giving him as the pleasure he was getting out of sucking his little brothers Prick. My balls bounced off his nose and then I felt him let off my cock and start to suck and lick those smooth brother nuts. He made love to them as he had my cock and then was up at my crack, his hands now spreading my cheeks and he was eating me out. My Ass hole was like a chicks wet pussy to him as he licked and sucked and licked and poked and ate of it. I was so into it and stopped sucking on him. Rob slipped out from under me and positioned me doggy style. He slipped his cock into my ass with ease and began to fuck it like he had twice the day before. "Take IT! I KNOW you want your big brother's Fuck stick in that boy pussy. Take all I can give you and like it. Little Brother is my Bitch again and he Likes it. I LOVE IT! OHHHH YEAH TAKE MY COCK!" He went on and on in that way for some time. I could feel his balls bouncing around off the back of my nuts. I could feel my hard cock bouncing up and down and slapping my hard abs. I could feel his hands in an iron grip on my hips as he plowed me with all he had to give and I could feel his cock pulse and grow even harder as he finally spilled his man seed into his little brother's ass. We collapsed on the bed and when he slipped out of me, both of us panting, I was able to turn over onto my back and we kissed for a few more minutes. "Bro, I know I told you yesterday, but I missed that ass." He kissed me gently on the lips. "And I missed that fucking cock." I said. I hadn't realized it, but I had spurted a load of my own on the matress and I was now laying in it. I liked the way it felt. I kissed him back and rubbed my hands up and down his tight back. "Well I guess it is time to get cleaned up, and get the last load of shit from the cars. Then we go and pick up Mom, Dad and the Jamester and go to dinner over at that Tavern in the Next town over. I hear they got good food." He kissed me again and then climbed off me. He grabbed for his clothes. "You mean the Kingsford Tavern? Yeah it isn't too bad. I been there." I got up too and dressed. An image of me and Will and Stacy popped in my head but was gone again as soon as I felt Rob touch my shoulder and all thoughts were back to him. "I hope we get to spend more time like this. I know you are going to have school and shit, and work wont be like it used to be back home, but I never want this to end." "Me either Bro, Me either." I turned and kissed him hard. We held for some time, and then reluctantly pulled away. It didn't take long to get the rest of my shit in my room and then lock up. Now it was time to change back at Robs and spend quality time with the rents.
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